Interior Design

We follow a collaborative and interactive process to create exceptional environments that meet our client’s business objectives. Our clients are involved throughout every step of the design process. This includes setting project goals, exploring possibilities and assessing best options to enable them to make informed business decisions on their real estate investments.

Activities include:

  • Setting project vision
  • Requirement assessment
  • Programming
  • Spatial planning
  • Conceptual design development
  • 3D modeling
  • Working drawings
  • Furniture selection and specifications
  • Project implementation


Design and build

Where time is of the essence, our Design and Build service teams offer the simplest one-stop design solutions, undertake the entire production, construction & renovation works, specially cater for busy clients.   This relieves from the conventional standard mode where the client needs to liaise with various consultants, contractors and sub-contractors which might involve complicated hassle affiliation.

We will assist our clients in:

  • Interior Rendering
  • Spacing Consultant
  • Conceptualizing design
  • Construction
  • Renovation
  • Custom Made Furniture
  • Aluminium Product
  • Grille & Gate


Space Planning

We provide creative and innovative solutions to help clients make the most out of their office. Whether they wish to increase productivity, accommodate more staff, or simply create a more comfortable working environment, we can devise a plan that will optimize their workspace.

We will also assist in the implementation of alternative working systems such as office zoning, touchdown areas and breakout zones to ensure that each space is used to maximum efficiency, promotes interaction and encourages productivity at the same time.


Project Management

It takes foresight, discipline, experience and proven processes to realize great ideas and implement successful projects. By appointing us as managers of your construction project, we will take a leadership role in managing cost, budget and project progress on your behalf.

Activities include:

  • Project schedule and budget development and management
  • Risk management
  • Quality control
  • Consultant retention and management
  • Furniture procurement and relocation management